Hometown Gem: Round Lake NY

by Kimberly Hickok

The village of Round Lake NY is one of my favorite hometown gems for a lot of reasons. I live about a mile and a half from the village. It’s where I go to the post office and library; where I walk the dog and ride my bike; and where I like to grab a bite to eat.

Since I’m in Round Lake all the time I never really gave that much thought to how much there is to do in Round Lake. After being introduced to my new car rental friends at Turo, I learned about their mission of highlighting adventure close to home and Round Lake was the first place I thought of!

In case you’re wondering, Turo connects people who would like to rent their car with people who need to rent a car and they’re compiling information about interesting places to visit.

So  . . . back to the village which was founded as a Methodist camp in 1868. The village is only 1.2 square miles. That makes it easy to park your car and stroll through the village. The village is full of quaint Victorian homes.

Quaint Victoria Homes in the village of Round Lake NY

A walking/bike path goes through the town. If you park right in the middle of town, you can access the path. And, best of all, when you’re done with your stroll you can stop into Leah’s Cakery for a treat. You might even get to meet Leah. She’s great!


Leah’s Cakery isn’t the only dining option in the village. Our family loves Lake Ridge Restaurant. Mark and I often go down for a date night dinner and it’s a favorite spot for all of our special family dinners. Lake Ridge Restaurant offers fine dining in a friendly atmosphere.

Lake Ridge Restaurant in Round Lake NY

Lake Ridge Restaurant in Round Lake NY

While the village itself has a lot to offer historically (don’t forget to check out the library and the auditorium!) it’s called Round Lake for a reason because, well . . . there’s a lake and . . .

wait for it . . .

IT’S ROUND! (Don’t tell me you didn’t see that coming.)

Round Lake offers plenty for the nature lover. There’s a public boat launch where you can launch a boat or kayak. This past Fall, the Round Lake Preserve opened. It’s over 90 acres and combines walking trails with wetlands. I have yet to check it out, but based on Walking Man 24 7’s blog post, I am going to make visiting the preserve one of my first priorities this Spring.

Round Lake Preserve boardwalk; Photo credit: Walking Man 24 7

Both the lake and the nature preserve are just outside the village.

And, for one more dining option, be sure to check out The Mill on Round Lake. Located just south of the lake on Route 9, it’s a fun place to get a beer, burger or wings. The outdoor patio is fantastic and is open during the warm months and often has live entertainment.

The Mill on Round Lake

The Patio at The Mill on Round Lake; Photo credit – The Mill on Round Lake

If you visit Round Lake, or have been, and have any other suggestions of things to do please leave them in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you think of my hometown gem Round Lake NY.

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