Brands With Purpose

by Kimberly Hickok

I spend most of my days consulting with clients. My goal is to make sure that their website is built to match their brand. To keep abreast of what’s going on in the marketing world, I am an active member of the American Marketing Association and sit on the board of directors for the local chapter.

One of our newest board members, Mark Hogan, is an experienced marketer with loads of experience working with some pretty big brands. We got together to talk shop recently and, as it turns out, I learned that he writes a blog.

Mark specializes in writing about brands that have purpose. Many of the brands he writes about are in the food space but no matter what he writes about, I learn something new.

As Mark puts it:

 Many of these products are locally inspired, high quality and target a very specific consumer segment. These brands tend to be small but they create a unique and personal customer experience. Their goal is not to be all things to all people. They leverage the heritage of a region and engage consumers on an emotional level. Their founders usually have a great story and are passionate about their business. In a world dominated by mega brands this is a refreshing trend.

Some of those brands he writes about are:

Albany Distilling Co. – Albany, New York

Widmer Hefeweizen – Portland, Oregon

Other posts are just plain inspirational.

John Robinson, leader of 17-day bicycle ride along the Erie Canal

Whether you’re interested in marketing, food or are looking to learn something new, I think you’ll find it on Mark’s blog.

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