Road Trip to Montreal during COVID – What You Need to Know

Helpful travel trips for visiting Montreal during COVID

by Kimberly Hickok

We are a short three hour drive from Montreal. We love to visit. You get the feeling like you’re visiting Europe, especially when you stay in Old Montreal. Now that the border is open, we decided to make a road trip to Montreal . . . during COVID. Here’s what you need to know.

Crossing The Border

Don’t expect to show up at the border with your passport and expect to get into Canada. A week before our weekend trip (March 4-6) I created an ArriveCAN account. There’s no way around this requirement if you want to cross the border.

From the ArriveCAN website.

You must use ArriveCAN to provide mandatory travel information before and after your entry into Canada.

The process is fairly straightforward, you’ll need to add your passport info and proof of vaccination. If you’re traveling as a family, or group, you can put multiple individuals on the same ArriveCAN account. It took me about 30 minutes to set up the account and add Mark’s info and mine.

You will also need to provide a negative test result. Be sure to check the official Canadian website for the most recent travel requirements. We needed to take, and provide proof of, a negative molecular test, taken within 72 hours of our arrival. Negative test result MUST be uploaded to your ArriveCAN account.

When you upload your negative result, you will also be asked which border crossing location you’ll use, along with the time of your arrival and a quarantine plan.

I highly recommend having printouts of EVERYTHING as well.

A checklist of what you need to have with you at the border:

  • Test results
  • Proof of vaccination (uploaded to ArriveCAN)
  • Passport
  • ArriveCAN receipt
  • Quarantine Plan

COVID Restrictions in Montreal

We LOVE staying in Old Montreal and booked a room at the Place d’Armes Hotel. Our room had a king sized bed and fireplace. Tip: There’s a club/bar call Sauvage across the street. Request a room that is NOT on that side of the hotel. The club stays open until 2am. Loved our room but am glad we travel with ear plugs.

Here are some pics of the hotel room.

King size bed in place d'armes hotel in old montreal tv and fireplace in place d'armes hotel room

Wearing a mask is REQUIRED indoors. Restaurants and bars will not even allow entry until you show your photo ID along with proof of vaccination. This is non-negotiable.

Final travel tip: If you visit in winter, wear boots that are comfortable for walking and waterproof. City streets can get pretty slushy!

Final Thoughts

If you’re vaccinated and don’t mind wearing a mask, I highly recommend visiting. The food is amazing and so is the wine. The architecture is amazing too. There are loads of shops and people are just so nice. I’ve dropped a quick Instagram Reel below so you can see for yourself.

Questions? Drop them in the comments!


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