2016 Holiday Gift Guide

by Kimberly Hickok

I’m at the point in my life where I pretty much have just about everything I need. Apparently, at least according to my family, this makes it difficult for them to figure out what to get me as a gift. I figured I’d make it easy for them by putting together a 2016 Holiday Gift Guide.

2017 holiday gift guide

1.  Razimus Jewelry is dedicated to producing eco-friendly fabric bands using 100% organic cottons and upcycling (deconstructing & repurposing) vintage and other clothing. I have several of her bracelets. They look great paired with gold and silver bracelets or on their own. Extra bonus? I don’t have to take them off to type (and I type a lot!) because they don’t get in the way. My favorite item this year is a necklace that also converts to a bracelet. Prices start at $48

2.  Roost Crate sends a farmers market in a box to your home every month. Each month is based on a theme and the box is filled with items sourced from the best farmers and small batch artisans in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. I love this! If you’re listening kids, I’ll take the three-month subscription please (but wouldn’t complain if you signed up for six months. Month to Month, $39.95; 3 month prepaid subscription, $109; 6 month prepaid subscription, $219

3.  Last year I took a class at my local yarn shop, Common Thread, and learned how to knit socks. I am completely obsessed with sock making. Hint: if you buy sock yarn for me kids, you’ll probably get a pair. Just sayin’. Or you can get me a gift certificate that can be used toward yarn. While we’re on the subject, if you’re thinking of taking up knitting or crocheting, USE GOOD YARN. Don’t make the mistake I made and get to know the folks at your local yarn shop.

4.  Do you know what’s annoying??? Going out for a nice steak dinner that you pay an arm and a leg for and the meal is just meh. I HATE THAT especially when I know I could have made a much better steak at home and eaten it in my pajamas if I wanted. Enough ranting. Moving on. I’ll happily become a member of Primal’s Steak of the Month Club. January’s steak is a 24 ounce Cowgirl Steak. What?!? Count me in. Price, $209

5.  The gift of a clean car is always appreciated. Hoffman Car Wash is located everywhere making it easy for me to keep my car clean and right now, they’re offering some great gift card deals. Check them out here, kids.

I included some higher ticket items on my list because I figured family members could go in a a gift together. I also like the idea of getting something every month that I could share with the kids (like Roost Crate or Steak of the Month). This year the focus is on locally-owned businesses. Just a coincidence.

I hope this list inspires you to check out some of these awesome businesses and gives you some ideas to share with those that think YOU are hard to shop for.

Have a wonderful holiday!!!

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