The Barefoot Kimtessa: The GE Cafe Dual Fuel Range Arrives!

by Kimberly Hickok

(My first blog post. Originally published March 11, 2010.)

The new stove came. It’s a GE Cafe dual fuel range with five burners. It has power burners and simmer burners. The burners are gas and the ovens are electric. Yes, I said the ovens are electric. That’s right. Two ovens. The upper oven came with 3 racks which is pretty awesome. I should be able to cook an entire batch of cookies all at the same time. The lower oven functions as a warming drawer.  (Update – I use the lower oven all the time for baking, not just warming. It fits two 13×9 casserole dishes and has saved my bacon every Thanksgiving!)

It came with a cast iron, coated griddle that you can use over the middle burner. I can’t wait to use it.  (Update – I LOVE the griddle. It’s perfect for cooking for two. If you prefer a larger griddle, just purchase one that you can place over the burners and you’ll be just fine.)

The stove is gorgeous. I don’t have a designer kitchen. Just a regular kitchen. This stove fits right in and it’s beautiful.

GE Cafe dual fuel range

Isn’t she lovely?

GE Cafe Dual Fuel Range

GE Cafe Dual Fuel Range

I know this sounds geeky but I read the whole manual before I turned it on. My husband, Mark, decided to put in his two cents.

Mark: What are you doing?
Me: I’m reading the manual.
Mark: What do you need to read? Just turn it on.
Me: I just want to make sure I’m doing it right.

Okay, so he was right.

I wish I could say that I made something super exotic for dinner. I made stuffing, roasted golden beets and carrots and a pork tenderloin. The stove worked perfectly. I can’t believe how responsive gas is. It’s probably my imagination, but I think our dinner tasted better on the new stove.

I’m a little concerned about the effort involved in keeping it clean, but I’m not the type who cares if the stove looks like it’s being used. It doesn’t have to look showroom perfect.

Update: (March 12, 2016)

It’s been six years. There are a few scratches and a little browning around the burners but all, in all, she’s still looking pretty good to me! I use both ovens regularly and the same goes for all five burners. I couldn’t be happier with the stove and I am really pleased that we installed the hood. I don’t have to worry about a smoke-filled house anymore!

As for cleaning, I use soap, water and soft cloths to buff dry.

For the hood I use Weiman Stainless Steel cleaner. I’m still not sure how to remove the brown around the burners. Let me know if you have any ideas that could help.

Somehow having this pretty workhorse in my kitchen makes me feel like my idol Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa. Shoot, just call me The Barefoot Kimtessa ’cause this stove makes me feel like a pro-fesh-o-nal EVERY TIME I use it.

GE Cafe Dual Fuel RangeWhat’s the last appliance you updated? And do you love it? Let me know! Also which do you prefer – gas or electric? Or doesn’t it matter?

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Kim March 12, 2010 - 4:54 pm

Janice – Good point! We lose our power a lot. Now I can cook inside instead of outside on the grill, which is especially hard to do when there’s snow outside!

Rebecca March 12, 2010 - 7:57 pm

I prefer whatever your making me dinner on!

Janice Doty March 12, 2010 - 8:27 pm

Hi Kim–Lovely stove!

I’ve always preferred gas to electric–it seems to have better control of heat and more consistent. The other benefit to remember–you can still use the cooktop even without power.

Linda Miller March 12, 2010 - 10:09 pm

everything Janice said. Gas is the best -in stoves anyway. you oughta go pro now. – oh and I love your & Mark’s convo about the manual and what he said. I’m Mark, Charlie is you. Mark and I rule!

Gina Mielke March 15, 2010 - 2:57 pm

I am soooo jealous! I want to renovate my kitchen in the worse way. I agree with Janice, I feel the same way about my gas stove, I never did like electric stove tops. The time that our electric went out for 15+ hours, I was still able to cook on my gas stove. Good luck with it!!

Kevin March 15, 2010 - 4:24 pm

If you can cook you can cook. So gas or electric Does’nt matter to me. An I do 90% of the cooking.

Kim March 15, 2010 - 6:28 pm

I had a glass electric stove before. It was great. I do agree with you. If you can cook, you can cook. BUT I will say that gas is way more responsive. I can get the heat very low, which I couldn’t with my electric, and I love having that fifth burner with the griddle.
I love that you do 90% of the cooking. Rock on!

Christine March 16, 2010 - 12:32 pm

My sister knows a chef and he said to have the best of both worlds – have a gas cooktop and an electric oven….NOW…Kim has it ALL! You rock girl!

Steve March 16, 2010 - 12:43 pm

It doesn’t matter, but if I had an oven like that!? Very nice!

Kerri April 22, 2010 - 2:45 am

I think your stove is beautiful ithink the blog is cool

Gayle July 30, 2010 - 2:23 am

Oh I am so jealous. I also agree with Rebecca. Just so long as your doing the cooking you can use whatever you like!

Kim July 30, 2010 - 3:12 am

You’re right. If you can cook, you can cook. But I love the tool that I have in this stove. I like having 5 burners and the three racks in the oven are awesome!

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