Mark’s Grilled Cheese

by Kimberly Hickok

One of the most popular recipes here at Kimversations is Mark’s Macaroni and Cheese. My husband, Mark, uses a combination of Cabot Seriously Sharp Cheddar, fontina and parmesan to make it. His recipe inspired this decadent, three-cheese grilled cheese sandwich.

Earlier this month, I received a nice box of cheese from the folks over at Cabot. In the interests of full disclosure, I should let you know that I’ve partnered with them as part of their Cheese Board. That being said, all thoughts and opinions are my own and other than the free cheese, I have not been compensated by Cabot. This is also a good time to mention that it would be awesome if Cabot added fontina and parmesan to their product list. Just sayin’.

Now on to the grilled cheese . . .

Mark’s recipe is based on a ratio of 2:1:1/2. In other words, you want to grate 2 ounces of cheddar, 1 ounce of fontina and a 1/2 ounce of parmesan to make two large, or four small, grilled cheese sandwiches.

Grated Cabot Cheese

From left to right: two ounces of Cabot Seriously Sharp, Fontina and Parmesan.

Next, combine the three cheeses, butter the bread and get grilling.

In the background I’ve got a batch of homemade tomato soup going. Perfect pairing, right?

Ooey, gooey, decadent three-cheese grilled cheese. Just right for dipping into tomato soup. Next time you make grilled cheese, try mixing it up! You’ll be glad you did.

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Candace @ Cabot April 28, 2014 - 7:04 am

I LOVE mixing cheese on grilled cheese. This one looks yummy!

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