$25 ShopRite Gift Certificate Winners!

by Kimberly Hickok

Congratulations to Sue Walter, Sue Bennett Perkowski and Dina Van Auken – winners of the $25 ShopRite gift certificate giveaway.

They were randomly picked using the WordPress widget “And The Winner Is”. Take a peek at their tips below. I will especially remember to use Subee’s tip . . . it’s a good one!

Winner: Sue Walter 

Website: http://Subeeskitchen.com

Hi Kim! My tip is to keep your reusable shopping bags in your front seat so you remember to bring them into the store. If they’re in the trunk/back seat I always forget them. Cheers! Subee

Winner: Sue Bennett Perkowski

95% of my grocery cart is sale items. I make a list of what I want from the flyer, and clip my coupons for those items to my list. I make sure I bring my coupon folder because heaven is finding Manager Specials that you have coupons for. And I browse the shelves. Two weeks ago they had a new (to me) brand of marinade on sale for $1.99, and each bottle had a 75 cent use now coupon on them. We bought 2 flavors that looked good and with double coupons, each 16 oz bottle cost $.49! By the way, the marinade was delicious!

Winner: Dina Van Auken

Make a need and budget friendly list and stick to it! Coupons are important too. These days you can get online and have the coupons loaded onto your discount card. The shop online and pick up at store option is a life saver.

Thanks everyone for sharing your tips.

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