Yogurt Parfait

by Kimberly Hickok

My mom used to tell us that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. She’s right. But when the bus comes at 6:40AM the challenge is eating something that’s quick to prepare and eat AND is healthy too.
Problem solved!

Buy the larger container of yogurt – it’s way more cost effective. Choose whatever fruit you like.

Simply layer yogurt, oatmeal (not the quick-cooking kind!) and fruit in a parfait dish. My favorite yogurt is Stonyfield. Sometimes I get the large container of strawberry – other times I get the vanilla. Both are fabulous with fruit.

If you don’t have a parfait dish, you can always use something else. The key is to use something that will hold an individual portion.

If you do it the night before, the yogurt softens the oatmeal. My son loves this. He gets up, grabs one out of the fridge and *poof!* it’s gone . . . and then he’s out the door!

Um, is there a reason why you can’t put your dish in the dishwasher??

Can’t get any quicker than that. So what’s your quick, easy and healthy breakfast solution?

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