Snowmobiling: Indian Lake, Moose River Plains

by Kimberly Hickok

This is my photo blog of our day snowmobiling in the Adirondacks. The day was perfect – the weather was gorgeous and the trails were in great shape.

Here’s the route the six of us took (three couples): We started out in Indian Lake – about a 2-hour car ride from our home. We parked and unloaded at the end of Cedar River Road. We picked up the trail, riding over Moose River Plains to Inlet. We had lunch at The Ole Barn and then rode across Fourth Lake to Uncas Road. After that we headed up to Raquette Lake and had a cocktail on the W Durant. Then we headed back. We covered about 100 miles.

Loading my snowmobile at home

My brother-in-law, Paul and his wife, Kelly, unloading their sled in the Cedar River lot. There was an old woman there making sure we were all parked ‘just right’. The charge was $5 per sled.

Lots of families were out on the trail. It was a Wednesday during the kids’ Winter Recess. The trails weren’t crowded though.

Kelly sunbathing before we head back out on the trail.

We stopped to enjoy the sun – and it was warm! – on this little pond along Uncas Road.

The girls – Jen, me & Kelly

Jen playing around in the snow on the lake.

The boat is iced into the lake so in the winter you can ride your snowmobile on the lake to get to it or use the trail. Cocktails and snacks inside. Fun! Our final stop before heading home.

As we were preparing to leave, Paul took a spin on the lake. These deer were a good 300 yards away. I guess they know that hunting season is over.

One more picture of the deer. After this we headed back. It was dark by the time we loaded up to head home. What a fun day!!

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